I have worked with Business Equipment Service for almost 7 years. As Office Manager, I will not change service providers. BES offers excellent service, and I recommend them to anyone who asks.
Jane S. - Faith Church
We are very happy with the copiers we currently have and your customer service is exceptional. Doug is a great technician and is always prompt in coming out whenever we have a problem with one of our copiers. Thank you for the kind donation of the Sharp copier and for the great price on the Ricoh we purchased from you. Thanks again for your wonderful partnership and customer service. I am glad we are working with you.
Barb Lessman - United Way of Weld County
Metron Technology has used BES for many years. We have found the reconditioned meter we lease from them to be very adequate for our office. They are always pleasant to work with and responsive to our infrequent requests for service. We highly recommend them.
Nancy Gerch - Metron Technology
Well with all of the things I have to worry about in a day its nice to not have to worry about this complex beast of a machine outside my office….
BES has done a great job of maintaining it for us. And we use the heck out of it…
I have had some not so fun experiences with office machine maintenance companies in the past.
Thanks for giving me one less thing to worry about!
Greg Martin
Director of Business Operations
Open Range Services
I would just like to say that we really enjoy working with BES.  If I need toner I just make a call and then send it out right away, if we have any issues with our equipment which we rarely do, they come out right away and our copier that we lease works really well.  I would highly recommend this company to any business that it is interested in having great customer service and equipment that works great. 
Maryann Bodeker
Branch Administrator
BrightView Landscape Services
Called these folks up to see about getting some equipment to help with an off-site meeting. What a surprise! It is so rare these days when someone exceeds your every expectation but BES sure did! While the item I needed wasn't something they normally deal in, they called around, found a solution and then called me back. Then, when we were talking through the pricing, they said, "You know what? Pay it forward. We've got you on this one."  If you are looking for a business that tried hard for customers, and still believes in old-fashioned business values, you needn't shop further, this is it
Jody S.
I have worked with this company for 9 years, with changes to service personnel, but still the same owner.  They are some of the best people to work with.  When I call for service on our copier they are always looking to get there as soon as they can.  One time I had a deadline and my copier was down and I called them up to see if I could use a copier in their office and they said come right on over.  Duke has personally come and delivered a copier for our use, for a few weeks, to make high speed copies.  I have enjoyed working with BES and would recommend them!
Teresa Johansen
Campion Church
Administrative Assistant/Treasurer
In the 2+ years I have been with Premier Manufacturing, my interaction with BES has been nothing but positive. When we have a service issue, they do their best to have someone sent out that same day and the service people have always been friendly, efficient and professional. In addition, toner requests are met expediently.
S. Smith
Premier Manufacturing
Love this company!  They have gone above & beyond to respond to our copier and service needs for the past 10 years.
Sharon Braun  |  Controller
Carlton Electric, Inc
Thank you so much for a great experience and your attention to the details. I was truly impressed with what we got for our money!
— Julie Smith

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